About Inner Illuminations

You must be asking yourself by now, what is the deal with Inner Illuminations? What does the name mean, and what is the significance?

I incorporated myself into the company of Inner Illuminations, PC to add structure to my business practices, and to manifest my expressed interest of providing you the highest level of psychiatric care.

In addition, the name and logo highlights the idea that all people grapple with various afflictions within the mind and body. Sometimes these afflictions are barely palpable or located well below the surface of ordinary, daily living. Some people may get the faint sense that life is going off course, or it isn't what was hoped. Sometimes, this inner hesitation, this inner haunting may be the single signal of a destiny unrealized.

It is only recently that science has started to validate the psychotherapeutic process as a viable treatment strategy for true change and symptom reduction. For me, the psychoanalytic couch is the ultimate symbol of that process.

Fortunately we now understand more and more about the true benefits of this process first codified by Sigmund Freud; of course, a lot has changed since Freud. But, we do know that this process of inner exploration with a trained collaborator opens up those haunting, previously closed off boxes. The full contents of these boxes can be teased apart and magnified up close to reveal the attachments, fears, hopes, dreams, and repetitive patterns that can unknowingly propel a life onward. That even though shining light on those deep, walled off recesses of the mind can be distressing, the illumination ultimately provides the fuller understanding behind why a certain path is chosen over another. Thenceforth, this knowledge gained can be integrated, contextualized, and utilized to produce the best possible self.

My goal is to bring you the safe space necessary for your own inner illuminations, those self revelations that once grasped can ripple through your whole life to your core being, to the people close to you, and to the future generations pressing for release into this world.