Insurance Information

In the interest of working with all kinds of patients, I have decided to accept limited insurance plans. I am fully contracted and an in-network provider for Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of California insurance plans.

For all patients wishing to use insurance I require a $300 dollar deposit/retainer to be paid on the first visit as well as any applicable copay amounts. This deposit money will be refunded if insurance does pay fully; however, in the event that your insurance plan does not pay for whatever reason, this deposit money will be used to cover the cost of your treatment.

Check on your insurance plan's website to see if I am listed as an in-network provider. Of course, you may call me as well to confirm that I have contracted with your particular insurance plan. If so, you may use your insurance benefits to see me, which in most cases means a reduced overall cost for you.

If you are using insurance to pay for your treatment, please submit via your insurance plan name, your full name, date of birth, name on insurance card, enrollee ID, and group number as applicable.

If you don't have insurance with plans that I contract with, you can still be seen by me as an out-of-network provider. These days, health insurance companies are often providing benefits to their clients to see out-of-network providers which are as good as the benefits for seeing in-network providers.

Of course, you may choose not to go through insurance at all, which is fine as well. This method ensures your complete privacy.