R. Robert Eskuchen, Jr., MD
Psychiatrist & Psychoanalyst

By Appointment Only
Monday - Friday

870 Market Street
Suite 1190

San Francisco, California 94102

Phone: 415.819.5300
Fax: 415.477.4035


I have a dedicated interest in helping you understand how your mind works and what makes you feel the way that you do. In most cases that understanding requires more than a quick question and answer session and a prescription – in fact, I would not have it any other way. I make time available to see my patients frequently so that we can understand the intricate and nuanced details of how your mind works. Would it really be possible to know you in a fifteen minute consultation every three months?

I firmly believe that I never went through all that schooling to treat my patients as just another case – I actually care about you. I want to know about all the parts that make you up as a person. What makes you tick. I’m curious about the very particular ways in which you experience sadness, or anxiety, or even happiness. And I want to know about the various people that populate your life. To that goal, I have tailored my practice and my life such that you never feel like just another patient – and if you do, I want to hear about it, so that I can make it right again.

Feel free to linger over these pages to become acquainted with me, my practice, and my philosophy; then you can better make the important decision of who helps unlock your inner light. Given the large number of psychiatric professionals out there, it will help you to know these things up front.